Pre-course Information for Energy Modeling Best Practices

Here is a compilation of information that will be useful prior to the energy model course. I will be updating this page periodically.

Software - The course is meant to be software neutral, that is, the information presented during the course is applicable to most software packages. However, some of the examples and graphics used are from the two most common free energy modeling software packages: eQUEST and EnergyPlus. Download links for both packages are given below along with links to user guides.

eQUEST home page

eQUEST software (version 3.65)

eQUEST user guide

EnergyPlus software (version 8.3)

EnergyPlus getting started guide

The course also covers a bit of the ASHRAE standards and the performance rating method (PRM) found in Appendix G of ASHRAE 90.1. The most recent version of the standard is 2013 though most of the course content and certain green building rating systems use the 2007 version (available from the ASHRAE website here.)

Another useful document is the Commercial Buildings Energy Modeling Guidelines and Procedures (COMNET). COMNET is intended to provide some standardized methodology when completing energy modeling against a reference standard such as ASHRAE 90.1.  Download the reference here.

Other useful links: